Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer

Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer
Life-like, full body training manikin for Hemorrhage Control. Ideal for
training emergency personnel and first responder units in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. Ruggedized body made from one piece, no hard plastics.

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• Control life threatening external hemorrhage and extremity hemorrhage
• Presents multiple injuries involving gunshot wounds, stab wounds and crushing injuries
• 3-liter blood reservoir
The Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer is delivered with:
• 3,8 l concentrated artificial blood (antimicrobial antifungal, antifreeze)
• 2 rechargeable batteries and chargers
• 2 wireless remote control
• 10 I.O. humeral replacement parts
• 10 I.O. sternal replacement parts
• 2 Neck Band replacement parts
• Rugged carry case