3B Scientific® Birthing Stages Trainer P94

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Determine the labor progress using
6 pelvic inserts with various levels of cervical dilation and effacement.
The trainer consists of a set of 6 different pelvic inserts with very realistic anatomical details. The inserts can be used both as stand-alone trainers and as an extension module for the Birthing Simulator P90 (see page 86).
The inserts look the same from the outside and the birthing stations can only be identi- fied by examination or by reading the number written on the back of the trainers.

The following levels and birthing stages are represented:
1. Cervix closed (0.5 cm), level -2
2. Cervix open 2 cm, level -2
3. Cervix open 3 cm, half effaced, level -2
4. Cervix open 5 cm, effaced, level -1
5. Cervix open 7 cm, effaced, level -1
6. Cervix open 10 cm, effaced, level 0

Delivery content:
• 6 birth stage inserts
• Safety plate with 4 screws (for the optional insert in birth simulator P90, see page 86)
• Lubricant gel
• Carrying bag
Made of latex-free, silicone-based material.