SMART MOM BASIC Birthing Simulator

SMART MOM BASIC Birthing Simulator
The BASIC version comes with a manual delivery system


SMART MOM Birthing Simulator
Obstetric simulators focused on the two primary challenges in OB deliveries:
• Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)
• Shoulder Dystocia
Also exhibit a wide range of other birthing irregularities. Extensive Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) Programming ensures a broad exposure to variations in waveforms to test your knowledge and team leadership skills in handling patient treatment modalities. The tablet controls the birthing position and rotation of the fetus, descent speed, vaginal bleeding, amniotic fluid, meconium, and the mother’s physiological condition in an easy-to-use application. Scenarios are included with the packages and an available library of scenarios makes physiolog- ical changes to treatments simple and quick.
Easy-to-use tablet controls ALS features:
• Bilateral IV and BP arms
• 5-lead ECG monitoring
• Intubation
• Papillary responses
• 10 active pulse points

Obstetrics features:
• Choice of delivery system: BASIC version with manual delivery or advanced version with auto delivery
• Baby, placenta, and umbilical cord
• 6 vaginal fluids for discharge
• Palpation of fetus and delivery at same time
• 10 scenarios (made up of 36 vignettes)
• Flat-screen monitor
• Laptop monitor
• FHR chart Program
Both versions come complete with adjunct baby for Leopold manœuvres and birthing baby with placenta, umbilical cord, and first breath action. Accessories included: BP cuff, flat-screen monitor for FHR, tablet and laptop for mother’s monitor, pulse oximeter, replace- ment skin and veins, replacement vagina and cervix, wheeled carrying case.